Orientation Planning

1.Healthcare Projects Orientation Planning

 Accurate project positioning is the foundation of the project construction, which can guide the project planning, architectural design, guidance system construction and orderly construction. Including the overall concept of the project planning, project reporting presentation, project development framework for the development of content.
 Services: research, planning positioning, planning and design, management consulting.

2.Feasibility Study Report

 Comprehensive demonstration project construction necessity, financial profitability, economic rationality, advanced technology and adaptability, the possibility and feasibility of construction conditions, to provide a scientific basis for investment management decision-making. Services: Project Proposals, Feasibility Studies Report.

3.Design Project Assignment Guideline

 The specific requirements for engineering design are the main basis and premise for engineering design, and also an important basis for judging the design scheme. Including the construction goals, design principles, medical planning, medical functional requirements, medical functional unit settings and so on.
 Services: Medical architecture design assignment guideline preparations, Pension project construction design assignment preparations

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